About us

Golflife, Marbella Golf Academy, the only integral golf academy on the Costa del Sol, is located in the prestigious Marbella Club Golf & Country Club.

The Academy has created a unique training program, which may be adapted to any player regardless of their age and level. Golflife boasts the best golf professionals and ones of the best facilities on the coast, which include: a practice area with natural grass, a covered area with artificial grass, excellent approach area and putting green. It's also equipped with a gym adapted to golf, where a personal trainer attends to the players' specific needs. In Golflife you will also have access to a physiotherapist, a psychologist and a shop area where you will find the best brands at unbeatable prices.


This and more is Golflife.




The "High Performance Golflife Program” was created to meet a growing need in the world of golf: provide high quality training to present and future champions with the assistance of golf professionals, psychologists, physiotherapists and trainers with extensive experience, capable of helping children and adults to improve their skills in all the areas of golf.

Golf as a sport is undergoing a significant technological and professional evolution in every aspect. This growing and thriving industry has

become more demanding and requires more and more specialized services.

Therefore Golflife, through the HIGH program, makes its facilities and services available to the most talented players.






Andrés Rosa, with the help of his team of professionals, will prepare a personalized program for each HPG student, ensuring a complete, fun and exciting golfing education.


This program is based on four major elements: physical preparation, psychology, mechanics of swing and game strategy. In order to improve the process of making decisions in the field and optimize the results in tournaments, the training program is divided into three different blocks - the three different areas that make up this sport.




The HPG program consists of 3 main blocks:
Initial Assessment, Intensive Training and Final Assessment, which guarantee an improvement in your handicap, as they include 30 hours of intensive work on the various components of golf:

  1. GOLFER'S PHYSICAL CONDITION: A comprehensive study of each student's physical condition will be a basis for preparing a personalized program in the Academy's sports center - Kinesis. The golfer will follow the program under the tutelage of an expert in physical training specifically designed for golf.
  2. MENTAL TRAINING: High quality personal advice regarding this area, which will help the golfer achieve the best results.
  3. MECHANICS OF SWING: A program designed to develop an effective and repeatable swing bringing good results under competitive pressure without imposing physical stress.
  4. GAME STRATEGY: Application of basic principles so that the player can develop the full potential acquired during practice time and get a personalized report on their situation and strategies to follow in future training.


PART 1: Initial Assessment



Prior personalized assessment of various factors that nfluence the game of Golf:

    • Assessment of student's physical condition.


    • Study of past and current psychological situation


    • Analysis of the mechanics of Swing


    • Review of the game strategy


PART 1: Fitness Assessment

During the past 11 years the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has investigated the relationship between physical fitness and golf swing.
The results of these studies will be the basis for a series of 11 physical tests allowing us to determine the player's physical limitations that affect the way they can carry out an efficient golf swing.
This analysis will be completed by a test of strength.



PART 1: Psychological Study


The interview will be personal and individual.
It is meant to assess various factors that influence athletic performance such as self-confidence, motivation of the player, state of concentration, attention, attitudes, habits of thought during the game, ability to visualize or the player's emotional control.


PART 1: Swing Analisys


After obtaining data on the player's physical and mental state,the swing analysis will be based on the basic principles of movement. It will be aimed at verifying the player's weaknesses and strengths in moments of pressure. Therefore it will be submitted to various tests to verify the existing needs.


PART 1: Strategic Review


The strategic review begins with several tests that simulate a competition to study the behavior directly in the field. Statistical data will also be provided to ensure that the prognosis is the right one.


PART 2: Fitness


Having identified the main physical limitations and analyzed the technical report on golf swing prepared by professionals, it is time to prioritize the aspects which need improvement. We will carry out a specific program focused on increasing the knowledge and improving the golf technique of each particular client.
To do this we have a fully equipped gym with new generation Kinesis machines, an ideal equipment for golf players, allowing them to make any kind of movement. In the same time, its pulley system allows us to train strength and flexibility. That is all a golfer needs.


PART 2: Mental Training


The training will include techniques and/or psychological strategies tailored to the needs of each player.
These exercises will be performed both in the office and in the golf field. In the end we will proceed to a new revision, putting into practice the exercises learnt and verifying their correct evaluation. An adequate planning for the season of each player will also be carried out.


PART 2: Technical Training


The technical training will be based on various components depending on the player's needs. In principle, it will begin by putting and short game and later on we will focus on medium game and finish with long game.


PART 2: Strategy work


The strategy work will depend on the needs of the player, starting with moments preceding the competition such as warm-up balls, round planning and plan implementation. For this purpose a series of field trips will be carried out in order to put into practice the exercises set.




Each of the remaining days are scheduled as follows:

  • Table of personalized exercises to be performed during the season.
  • Assessment of learning different types of strokes.
  • Analysis review, statistics and setting a plan of exercises to be performed in the field according to personalized needs.
  • Evaluation of the use of strategies to be performed on the field and during the competitions.
  • Psychological evaluation report and exercises to practice.






GOLFLIFE PROGRAM is a specialized program for golf lovers which will let you live an unforgettable experience.
Golflife Program in Marbella doesn't only mean the best golf installations and good weather all year round. It is also peace of mind, confidence of being in good hands and that you don't have to worry about anything else than having good time.
Let us make it up for you...




You will not only enjoy playing golf with your family or friends on the best golf courses you can possibly find. You will also have great golf training installations and the best professionals at your disposal to help you increase your handicap.
We will make evaluations of your progress in play and you will be receiving individual and specific advices on how to improve your golf skills.

We hope that together we can reach our common purpose:





This program includes:

    • Rental car for 4 persons (Chrysler Voyager or similar).


    • Free use of all Golflifespain facilities.


    • 7 Nights stay at the 4* Hotel - with breakfast included.


    • 5 Green fees (with buggy INCLUDED) on Marbella Golf & Country Club.


    • 5 Delicious dinners at Marbella Golf & Country Club Restaurant.


  • 25 golf lessons with professional golf teacher at Marbella Golf Academy.




Every day:

From 9 am to 12 am – Driven Range
From 13 pm to 15 pm – Lunch
From 15 pm to 17 pm – Playing golf

On the first day there will be:

- Evaluation of student's physical condition
- Study of past and current psychological situation
- Analysis of the mechanics of Swing.
- Review of the game strategy.

The exact schedule for others days will depend on the player's needs.